An Environmental friendly - modern and Advanced Air Operations Company!

Welcome onboard to a completely new way to travel!

Sit back and relax, as we take you on one of the most comfortable, affordable, and environmental friendly ways of airborne travel today. We aim to give Scandinavian customers the opportunity to travel for less, with more comfort, at their own convenience. Making private travel available for the ordinary guy in the street, not just the wealthiest.

Go shopping with your friends in Paris for the weekend? - While the boys go to England for a football weekend? It´s all possible, and it´s affordable with TransWing.

By using the latest technology, a small administration, and operating out of efficient and cost effective areas we can offer a more competitive price than others.

We want the freedom of flying to be for everyone!

Also giving contractors, entrepreneurs and companies in need for transportation of special/dangerous, or ordinary goods easy access to more flights and a more proactive way to suit their needs in a growing demand for fast and efficient delivery of people or goods. In a world where time is money - we make every minute count!

We care about the environment!

And we will change the way of of thinking between air travel and the environment! The Scandinavian fleet of small aircrafts are old, and not environmental friendly. By offering new technology, and a smarter way to travel we aim to reduce the impact on climate that private and business aviation produces today

TransWing aim to be the first company, and the only company in this sector to use sustainable aviation fuel (biofuel) from day 1, to reduce climate impact. Combined with the lower fuel consumption of the new and modern aircraft we see this as a great opportunity to explore new methods of making air travel renewable. TransWing will contribute to searching and developing ways to reduce the climate impact from air travel.

Pilatus PC-12

Also we aim to take over the Scandinavian market for special aerial operations, including aircraft photography, laser scanning, mapping, and calibration flights, in a more environmental friendly way offering cost effective solutions.

We are a highly competenced team of pilots, financial trained personnel and people with experience within flight management working within the project. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of aviation related services to a broad market. Competing in everything from regular flights to logisticts, tv broadcasting etc.